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FTP SERVER (online)
GAME SERVER (online)
MWKO Rules 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense
Swearing - Using aggression or violent conduct towards any user or staff. Muted for 24 hours. 3 Day Ban Banned Permanently
Pretending to be staff. Banned Permanently
NP Transfer NP Reduced to 0 Banned Permanently
Accessing an account that is not yours (does not refer to sharing). IP Banned
Advertising another server or website. Banned Permanently IP Banned
Fraudulent Payments - Chargeback, etc. Banned Permanently.
Bug Abusing - Editing the client for personal gain visually! 3 Day Ban Banned Permanently
Selling characters in-game or on MostWantedKO Forum (sell on your own on different forums, like gamers4life or ko-cuce) Banned Permanently.
3rd Party Tools - KOXP, Wall hacking, speed hacking, etc. Banned Permanently.
Lying about items or trying to be fraudulent about items to make a gain. Banned Permanently.
Server Details
Users Online: 20
El Morad: 10
Karus: 10
Players in CZ: 6
Humans: 3
Orcs: 3
King List
Last War Hero:
N/A (offline)
CSW Holder:
GM List
GM_Butters (Offline)
GM_ESP (Offline)
GM_FeeL (Offline)
GM_Janek (Offline)
GM_Roman (Offline)
GM_Support (Offline)
Server Statistics
Accounts: 1333
Characters: 962
Clans: 25
Karus 45,12%
Humans 54,88%
Warrior 23,64%
Rogue 35,36%
Priest 18,11%
Magician 22,89%