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Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Is the server Free to Play?

Yes it is, and it will always be free to play. You can buy premium in our Power Up Store for better benefits like autoloot, but it's always up to you.

What can I do when I have problems that can't be found in the FAQ?

You can always create support ticket in our support system after you log in to your account on KO panel. This is the easiest and fastest way to get help.

Do I need to register?

Yes, you must have an account for login to the game, remember to not use same password like in other PSKO Register

How can I make a donation to the server?

We currently have several websites that offer us such services, here they are: paypal, paygol, western union, epinko(for turkish players).

Where can i activate my premium?

You can do it in Moradon at NPC: Boris [Power Up Exchange]

Can I change nation?

Yes, you can always change the nation in KO panel, after you log in to your account and once a month is free.

What kind of events can I participate in?

The whole list of available events can be found here: Click

When is the server maintenance?

They will be performed on Fridays at night(Unfortunately, sometimes it can be different). We will do everything we can so they are as short as possibile and don't interfere much with your gaming experience.

What is the maximum level?

Currently its stage system(65/68/70/72), but the maximum level is 72 (at last stage)

What can we do in situations such as hacking, peeling, stealing items?

We cannot take action in cases of robbery, hacking, etc. The player is fully responsible for account security. Please do not use ids and passwords that you use on other servers.

What is your anti-cheat system?

MostWantedKO is secured by SOACS technologies with modifications implemented by us.

isiloon will be active?

Yes it will be active after a few weeks after launch.

Can i free reskill/restat?

Yes only if you are premium user.

What items will i have in my inventory when I create a new character?

Items that you see in your inventory on the page for a given class: Warrior Rogue Mage Priest

Server Details
Users Online: 0
El Morad: 0
Karus: 0
Players in CZ: 0
Humans: 0
Orcs: 0
King List
Last War Hero:
N/A (offline)
CSW Holder:
GM List
Test (offline)
C17 (offline)
Janek (offline)
Kulon (offline)
Server Statistics
Karus 46,99%
Humans 53,01%
Warrior 32,53%
Rogue 25,30%
Priest 19,28%
Magician 22,89%
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